Wholesale Merchandise, The Key To A Successful Santa Shop

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One of the best new holiday fundraisers for schools is hosting a Santa shop.  What it basically consists of is a holiday themed shopping area set up for the students so that they can buy special gifts for their teachers, parents, grandparents, siblings or even the family dog.  It is usually run by volunteers and open for a certain number of days before Christmas.  Letters are sent home and children are sent to school with a certain amount of money and the freedom to choose what they want to buy and who they want to buy it for.  Kids love this because they are able to pick out their own gifts and are usually very proud to have a present of their own for that special someone.  Schools love it because they are able to make quite a bit of money and everyone has a good time.  Happy kids and happy schools?  This fundraiser couldn’t be better.

The main key to having a successful Santa shop is to be able to order wholesale merchandise.  Obviously, the less money you spend on products to stock the shop, the more profit you will be able to bring in.  Ordering your items from a reputable wholesaler guarantees that you will be paying a lower price than you would be by ordering them from anywhere else.  Wholesale merchandise is often bought in bulk, which is also something that will be an asset for an event such as this.  In order to make the most money possible, you will need to order a lot of product at a very low price.  The only way to accomplish this important task is by ordering what you need from a wholesaler.

Ordering wholesale merchandise to stock your Santa shop is a very convenient and easy process.  If you take some time to look online, you will see that there are many options available.  When looking for a wholesaler,  you will want to find one that offers thousands of products so that you will have a wide variety of items to offer for sale.  You will also need to check out the shipping costs.  Some companies are very reasonable about shipping, and some aren’t.  If the shipping costs are too high, then you’ve just taking away any savings that you had from ordering wholesale merchandise in the first place.  You might also benefit from calling the wholesale company that you are going to be dealing with.  A lot of wholesalers offer even deeper discounts if they know that you are hosting a fundraiser and that the profits will go towards the school.  Basically, it’s as easy as picking out your products and ordering them for your wholesale dollar store.  Nothing could be simpler!

Hosting a Santa shop for your school really is a great way to raise a lot of money.  Not only do the kids enjoy it, but everyone involved has a great time as well.  All it really takes to make this kind of event successful is a little planning, a few volunteers and a lot of wholesale merchandise!


Shopping Wholesale Is The Best Way To Save Money

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In today’s world, the average person is always looking for an easy way to save some money.  Not only does finding extra cash here and there help make your bank account bigger, but it’s a lot of fun too.  It is now considered trendy to be thrifty and watch where your money goes.  Books and blogs are popping up everywhere with tips and tricks on how to score the stuff you need, all while getting the most bang for your buck.  People are joining groups and chatting online in order to get coupons and to learn how their new frugal friends stretch their dollars further.  There are a plethora of ways to pinch a few pennies.  Old standbys always work, such as planning your menu from items that are on sale at the grocery store, or having a yard sale to get rid of your clutter and bring in some extra cash.  One of the best kept secrets out there that most people haven’t found out about though, that can save them quite a bit of money, is buying wholesale merchandise.

One of the reasons that a lot of people don’t cash in on the savings of purchasing wholesale merchandise is that they’re not aware that this is something that can be done by the average consumer.  Most individuals have always believed that purchasing goods from a wholesaler is a special privilege only available to business owners, but there is nothing further from the truth.  Wholesalers do business with both companies and the average shopper.  Buying wholesale merchandise is the easiest way possible to get what you desire for a price cheaper than what you normally could at any retail venue.

Dealing with a wholesaler has become a very convenient and easy process.  If you take the time to look online, you will easily find a supplier that can help you with all of your wholesale merchandise needs.  You might be surprised at the wide variety of premium products they have to choose from, but what will surprise you even more are the low prices that you can get from a wholesaler.  Add that to the fact that you can shop on your own time schedule from wherever you’re at, and you’ve gotten the best of what wholesale shopping has to offer.  Who wouldn’t want to shop for great products at super low prices while relaxing in the comfort of their own home?

Now that you know that buying wholesale dollar store is an option, and you see exactly how easy it can be, why not consider giving it a try?  Start looking for a reputable supplier online that has a lot of great products to choose from.  Many of them offer everything from wholesale clothes to wholesale jewelry, discount toys and more.  Learn where to get the best bargains and share the news with everybody you know.  Saving money on items that you’re going to buy anyway definitely puts you well on your way to becoming fun and frugal.  Who knows?  Starting to shop from a wholesaler just might be your biggest money saver yet!